Building on 2009’s Innovative Consumer Brand Social Media Campaigns

2009, defined by the deep recession, forced consumer brands to do more with much less.  However, this stressful environment drove  marketers to try non-traditional and less expensive channels, fostering the development of some unique engagement programs in social media.  In this series of posts, I’ll revisit a few of the more interesting campaigns from the past year and explain how these programs can guide our 2010 engagement strategies.

Social media can be used in a variety of capacities; so instead of your standard Top Ten list, I’ll look at campaigns based on their strategic approach. Some of these initiatives could fit into multiple buckets, but for the sake of this blog post, I’ll only focus on specific components of an overall program.

Empowering Brand Advocates Through Social Media

One could argue the easiest method to earn digital relevance and recognition is to take advantage of a brand’s advocates that are already active in social media and give these people a more influential voice.  As Nielsen  reports that consumers trust their friends’ opinions over corporate marketing messages, countless brands are attempting to corral their top fans and focus their enthusiasm towards potential consumers.  One component of this strategy is to leverage the strong connection these fans share with the brand’s personality and the community on whole. In 2009, two companies did this particularly well in completely different ways.


Boxee, 2009 International CES Team Member Contest
…or how to excite your fans in 72 hours or less.