The Seven Uses of Social Media in Business — The 7 “C”s

Whether it be healthcare or any other industry, different companies have come up with and rely on different uses of social media to meet their brand objectives. After surveying a bunch of different social media programs (including the hundreds found on the Pharma and Healthcare Social Media Wiki), I figured out that for the nearly infinite number of final executions, there are really only seven distinct uses of social media in business. Seven might sound like a lot, but it’s nothing compared to the number of channels within social media from Facebook to WordPress to Flickr to Foursquare and so on (see a hundred or so on Wikipedia). Whatever channel marketers ultimately decide to use to bring their social media idea to life and meet their brand objectives (I know, that last bit sounds almost crazy), they’re trying to do one of seven things with social media. Keep in mind that these seven things overlap a bit, but you’ll see how they are distinct.

If you think there’s one I’m missing, then let me know in the comments.