Facebook Groups Vs Pages: The Definitive Guide

Facebook Groups And Pages Features ChartOver the past couple years the Facebook Pages and Groups products have moved closer together, forcing marketers to ask themselves: which one should they use? After writing a complete guide to Facebook Pages, we thought it would be useful to highlight the core differences between Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups. If you had any lingering questions, this guide should completely clear things up for you!

What Are Facebook Groups?

If you don’t know what Facebook groups are, there’s a good chance you haven’t spent more than an hour on Facebook. However if you are a rare exception, we thought it would be useful to explain groups. According to Facebook, groups are “for members of groups to connect, share and even collaborate on a given topic or idea”. While the company continues to make a distinction between groups and Facebook Pages, we see these products eventually merging over time.

Groups can serve as an extremely effective marketing tool. Most importantly, groups serve as a tool for building awareness around various ideas. We’ve rapidly seen many users use Facebook Pages for the same purpose, but this is what groups were initially intended for. The key feature behind Facebook groups is the ability to make them “invite only” or limited to specific networks.

What Are Facebook Pages?

In contrast to Facebook groups, which are focused on organizing around topics or ideas, Facebook Pages “allow entities such as public figures and organizations to broadcast information to their fans.” If you are looking to set up your company’s “official Facebook presence” you would opt for Facebook Pages. We’ve previously highlighted the features of Pages in our Facebook Pages guide and a number of other articles.

Simply put, Facebook Pages are a tool for companies and public figures to engage their fans and customers. With the eventual launch of the Open Graph API, Facebook Pages will continue to serve as a tool for Facebook users to interact with companies and public figures around the web.