10 Principles At Work In Creating Buzz In Social Networking

Last Christmas break was a busy socializing extravaganza with family, friends and business colleagues. There was a lot of wine consumed, gifts given, food eaten and stories told, both “tall tales and true”. Superficial but interesting conversations were engaged and argued  about topics on Movies recently watched ..such as “Avatar” and  questions such as … “Is it a paradigm shift in the way we watch and consume movies?” and is it a movie worth going to see?

Most of these conversations were offline and face to face. Some conversations were about social media and social networking and we discussed issues such as “Does Social Media trivialize real human social interaction because it is not real?”

On a plane tonight coming back from a weekend on the Gold Coast, where I caught up with friends and family, I read a book by Emmanuel Rosen titled “Buzz..Real Life Lessons in Word Of Mouth Marketing”.

Some of the questions he asks and discusses are

  • How do you create far reaching influence or a “Global Cascade” of conversation?
  • Do you need to find the “Influentials” that  are the gatekeepers to social networks to start the conversation Buzz?

or do you you only have to find a “Critical mass of of easily influenced individuals”  to create far reaching influence.

A study by Dodds and Watts in 2007 in the Harvard Business Review was about how “Social Epidemics” occur where recommendations for a product like Avatar can be promulgated and enhanced through conversations with friends and colleagues. They found that with 3 conversations that recommended a product or brand in most cases it had no influence but with one more mention in the positive that they became “infected” and spread the gospel for that product.

So what are the 10 principles at work in Social Networking?