Social media marketing strategy

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Even the mainstream media realizes

how important a social media marketing strategy is today. The New York

Times is paying attention to where its stories are shared, who reads them,

and, more importantly, what they are saying about them.


Changing Face of Marketing and Communications in Today’s Creativity Economy,”

by Weber Shandwick and KRC Research , shows that top executives are

waking up to the need for including social media in their online PR strategy.

By 2010 82% of all companies

wil be using social media marketing.

A new study from the Marketing

Executives Networking Group, MENG,

reveals most marketers are

still in the early or experimental phases of adopting and measuring social


The biggest barrier

to success is a lack of knowledge on how to implement these new media


67% of respondents consider

themselves beginners at using social media marketing. Additionally, more

than 87% of respondents are not regularly measuring the ROI of their social

media marketing efforts.

There have been some fairly

spectacular missteps in this new field – and mostly because they dived

in without a social media strategy. It’s vital that every marketing and

PR agency, and in-house practitioner, learns the new rules so they can

correctly involve their clients and companies in the online conversations.