How To Use Google Wave to Get More from Events & Conferences

When I first received my invitation to Google Wave, I was less than impressed.

It was Chris Brogan who did a lot in his recent posts to help me see some of the value Wave provides to teams that need to collaborate on projects.  Over the past few weeks, our team at Social Business Strategies has been working inside Wave on a few client projects, using it for business planning and even a few experiments related to Human Business Teams.

From the time spent in Wave, I can already see other applications of the platform.  Below is an idea I’ve not yet tried, mostly because I don’t have any conferences scheduled for this month (when I do, I’ll be sure to pass along my humble opinions and analysis).  Try it out on our own and if you’re interested, contact me* afterward.

*If you test out this Google Wave idea and record some of results, I’ll be happy to have you guest post here.  Okay?