6 marketing opportunities on Foursquare

  • When bringing Foursquare into the marketing mix, there is an opportunity to gather valuable consumer research
  • Given the availability of behavioral data, simple loyalty programs obviously spring to mind
  • Foursquare has demonstrated a willingness to work with marketers in creating branded badges

Next In Focus

What is Foursquare?

Foursquare is social network billed as part social city guide, part friend finder, and part nightlife game. The NYC-based startup is being hailed as the next-generation social network, calling on gregarious technophiles to broadcast their locations via geo-aware mobile devices. What sets Foursquare apart from many competitors in the “local social” space is its undeniably sticky platform. Users are awarded points for their check-ins, and they scramble to earn badges and vie for bragging rights as the most frequent visitor of popular places. In short, Foursquare is fun.

Many observers are quick to draw parallels between Foursquare and Twitter. Both services made their public debuts at South by Southwest (during different years), where both were hailed as breakout hits. One of the reasons behind Foursquare’s current momentum can be found in the type of user it has continued to attract: early adopters and social media mavens — vocal segments that others look to for trends in the space.