Top 4 Best iPhone Twitter Apps That Host Your Media on Posterous

Many social media services are surfacing and impressing us with their usefulness so it’s very hard to maintain our presence in only one service these days. Updating all of these the easy way has been possible to intelligent, time-saving and work-reducing iPhone Twitter apps like Posterous.

It not only updates your services depending on your commands of which services get updated, but it also stores all your files and links, with an email (so you can update by cell phone with an email to So by emailing Posterous any of those videos and pictures you have stashed in, say, your phone, you can back your files up, start your personal photoblog, or use Posterous to host your illustrated tweets.

Recently, Posterous actually tightened its Twitter integration by opening (the URL shortener for Posterous users’ blog posts) as a Twitter-updating and file-uploading web app, which brings you the best of Posterous capabilities, along with a character counter, a textbox to add a post description, and the speed of uplading files through your web browser.

It’s great to see Posterous expand its services, especially to such popular ones as Twitter but are there Twitter apps that go the other way around and integrate Posterous as the picture-hosting service? Posterous has a list for apps that post images on their service, but some of them were paid apps. Let’s examine the best iPhone Twitter apps that do the same thing for free on the iPhone.