Is Celebrity Tweetvertising Worth Paying For?

Last January, I wrote about finding The Value of a Facebook Fan, which effectively took the number of fans a brand has on Facebook, multiplied that by the average number of friends a Facebook user has to determine the number of impressions each brand would receive from each users network, and then applied an average CPM for display media to determine the value.

I found it interesting this week to read What Celebrities Make For Twittvertising, which discussed the heavy payouts celebrities receive for tweeting about various products and brands. After reading this, I couldn’t help but think about how this relates to valuing a Facebook fan, so I decided to have some fun by identifying ways to truly value these celeb tweets.

The article provided us the price per tweet that some celebrities are receiving. We wanted to figure out how that translates into a CPM and a cost per follower (CPF). The chart below presents our findings: