Conversion Optimization for Online Video – 10 Things to Test

Let’s make one thing clear. Video works. The right video solution on your page will increase the number of people that reach your conversion goal. Whoa! Too much jargon? I’ll make it simple. Your site has one main function – to make you money. The way you use your site to make you money is up to you and will certainly vary greatly from site to site. Some sites exist to capture contact information that will be followed up offline. Some sites want you to download some software for which a license will have to be purchased. Some sites require you to make an immediate payment for a service or a product to be delivered thereafter.

Whatever you want your site to do – that’s your conversion goal. Every design element of your site should be focused on driving visitors towards that goal, whether it the font you choose, the words you use, the background you set, or the pictures you select. Everything. Especially video. Video isn’t just nice to have. Video should be a key part of your conversion strategy combining strong visuals, persuasive narration and a compelling call to action that cannot be ignored.

How do you know when your video has all these things? You won’t unless you test it. And then test it again. No two sites are alike which is why you can’t rely on the tests from someone else’s property. Test your video and make sure it is fulfilling its role – increasing your conversion – because increased conversion means increased revenue.

Testing is the key to optimizing your website. When you test, you remove the influence of guesswork on your business model and replace it with real data. The results of your tests will inform the decisions you make with far greater authenticity than any supposition or anecdotal impression you may have.

Only by testing can you be certain that you are really achieving the goals you set for yourself and only by testing can you prove your ability to surpass those goals.

This article will suggest the first 10 tests that are carried out by EyeView for its customers, but anyone who uses videos should carry out these sort of tests to ensure that their video is performing to the best of its ability and converting visitors into customers.