20 Metrics To Effectively Track Social Media Campaigns

Before I actually go into the different types of metrics you can set up to prove social medias value, I want to state the obvious. You should not only have analytics on every page of your site, but also make sure you add it to all your viral marketing campaigns in order to track the progress and overall success of the piece to evaluate how it relates to the rest of your website, your business and ultimately your bottom line.

I love social media because it can positively affect almost all aspects of your business both directly and indirectly. Directly, it generates increased brand awareness, traffic, leads, sales, subscribers, and more followers on social media sites. Indirectly, it effects search rankings as a successful campaign attracts backlinks and mentions in content which leads to higher search engine rankings. Social Media is so popular because it truly is that powerful, one campaign can affect your entire business.

Below is a list of metrics I use to track and prove ROI when analyzing my own sites or sites of my clients.