How I use Social Media: Part 1–Twitter

Back when  my husband was still my fiancé, he told me he didn’t see much point in having a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA). That Christmas, I bought him one. Once he realized that
a PDA was more than just an electronic calendar, suddenly his device was an integral part of him to the extent that it was seldom more than a few feet away from him. In fact, for a while he was an Adobe Community Expert for Mobile and Devices.

Which just goes to show that just because you can’t initially imagine how a new technology can be useful to you, that doesn’t mean that the technology is not useful. We’ve often seen articles on why people don’t like social media, the basics of how to use Twitter or Facebook, or even how to integrate your RIA into social media. What I haven’t seen so much of are accounts of specifically what people are doing with social media and how it benefits them.

The cool thing about having a column called “Developer Diary” is that I feel it lets me share my personal story with you. So for the next few weeks I’m going to tell you what I’m doing with social media and how it is benefitting me. This week, I am going to talk about Twitter.